Mit Navn

Starring: Karen-Lise Mynster

Client – Mette Føns Film
Role – Production sound / Sounddesign
Year – 2012
Director – Mette Føns
Procucer – Mette Føns
Joanna, the hospital clown, develops Alzheimer’s and must withdraw to her little house at the edge of the village.
One day her son, Eske, makes an unannounced visit. They haven’t seen each other for many years and Joanna is reluctant to welcome him.
Eske sniffs around the house and before long he has occupied the couch. He wants to help Joanna now that she is sick, but demands something in return.
Joanna is put to the test.

Together with Ole Kristian Krogstad I did this transparent and dynamic Sounddesign, Working with Mette and Ole was a big pleasure were learned a lot about simplicity and transparency in my work, silence is also powerfull!